Dear Gossips,

It’s a headline women can’t resist - SINGLE AND SKINNY, HOW SHE LOST ALL THAT WEIGHT (which means it’s totally possible for you if you find yourself divorced and alone)!

Check out Jennie Garth on the new cover of PEOPLE Magazine looking more like a teenager than she did when she was playing a teenager. So...congratulations? Is this about not being happy for her? Of course not. Very happy for her. (PS. Duana was totally right about Jennie coming out of this the winner - click here for a refresher.) But didn’t we just go through all that anxiety about Lady Gaga and weight and weight preoccupation and, like, isn’t this, this cover, isn’t it tantamount to Validation Through Weight Loss which... I’m having a hard time seeing the body revolution here, how about you? Click here to read the PEOPLE story on how Jennie’s happiness is all about being thin. Also attaching photos of Garth last night at the premiere of Kingdom Come. And please check LifeStyle for collections from Paris Fashion Week and a new post by Hayley.

Yours in gossip,