Dear Gossips,

Many of you made the call last week that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher would announce a separation at 5pm on Friday, the same media f-ck move Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt pulled when they confirmed their split. As of this writing, Mr & Mrs Kutcher have yet to officially address the speculation about trouble in their marriage. While they were together at a Kabbalah service and wearing their wedding rings, and even though he’s offered a couple of weak attempts at denial over Twitter, what’s most telling is her silence on Twitter, her reluctance to present a happy happy face to the world...

Still others have emailed to suggest that this is a total manipulation in service of Two And A Half Men. I mean, where celebrities are concerned, I guess that’s always a possibility. But if you truly believe that, then you also have to accept that Demi Moore, 48, who is constantly posting bikini pictures of herself on social media sites, is secure enough to condone a cheating rumour, lots of cheating rumours, involving her much-younger husband and much-younger women.

Really??? Her???

You choose that option over the option that he’s a douchebag chronic philanderer trying to force her to leave him? I always say Gossip is a Buffet. You decide what you want to believe. It’s just... some choices are easier than others, you know?

We have a new look! More on this later.

Yours in gossip,