Dear Gossips,

I liked Cloud Atlas. A lot. Admittedly I was in the right mood for it that night, and I’d read about it extensively and even though, yes, of course, it was way too long, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the ambition of it. Halle Berry plays a German Jew and an Asian and an East Indian. Doona Bae is a white American and a Latina and a Polynesian. Every actor assumes at least 6 roles -- of different age and ethnicity and’s totally believable. Hollywood doesn’t reward imaginative filmmaking very often. That Cloud Atlas was even made is an achievement. That it likely won’t be seen by the people who probably need to see it most is discouraging. Because this kind of sh-t (click here) happens way too often.

Misfits S4 -- did you watch the first episode? I know, I know, it’s on Hulu. But Hulu is NOT AVAILABLE outside of America. Having said that, it’s also not hard to find online, I promise. Will post my thoughts about the new series later this week.

Not feeling great today. Will try to post through the morning but it might be a lighter afternoon.

Yours in gossip,