Dear Gossips,

Twilight is about to be right up in your face, even more so than usual, for the next 3 weeks. But it’s the last time...right? Well, sure, until they reboot that sh-t in oh, let’s give it 6 years or less. Or until the Twi-Hards transfer their crazy over to Fifty Shades Of Grey. Until then, we will always have bad wigs, bad makeup, and really, really bad acting. You’d think after 5 tries at this they’d be able to make it less... fontrummy? Oh no. The fontrum stayed. And at this point I wonder, I wonder if it’s intentional now. Knowing that the fanbase has no taste, why increase the quality? Why not deliberately maintain the (low) quality to keep them happy? It’s like those Honey Boo Boo people and their diet. Gourmet cooking would be wasted on them.

This was brought on by a new clip that was just released -- embedded below. How seriously do you have to take yourself to be able to do this and call it... art?

Happy Halloween!

Yours in gossip,