Dear Gossips,

Had a good time at Taylor Swift on Friday night although that’s probably the first and last time in my life I’ll ever hope for Drake and end up with Keith Urban. As fun as it was to be there though, Taylor was not the best entertainment of my weekend. Because on Saturday night Lifetime aired the Unauthorised Beverly Hills 90210 movie.

It was awful and amazing at the same time. Like, the only person more Jennie Garth than the actress playing Jennie Garth is Jennie Garth herself. It was unreal! Obviously I am now hot for whoever it is that was Luke Perry/Dylan. But overall, it was all in the details – the floral crop tops, the bow in the back of “Tori’s” hair the first time we meet her, the way “Jennie” cried, that hysterical Aaron Spelling imitation, and, of course, the angst. I am outraged all over again that Brenda and Dylan broke up. Brenda and Dylan were my real REAL. If the internet was available at that time I totally would have been a Brenda-Dylan Twi-Hard. They broke up because… parents!?! Real life parents bitching about Brenda not being sorry for losing her virginity. And for that, we lost one of the best TV couples of all time BRENDA + DYLAN FOREVER! Watch the video below and try to be productive for the rest of the day, I dare you. For as crazy difficult as she might have been, 90210 would never have happened without Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh. She’s THE ONE. I will love her forever. And as I said to Duana last night, as we breathlessly exchanged nostalgic 90210 texts, we will never again love a show the way we loved 90210. Also I never cared for Melrose Place. Pffft. Who did?

Yours in gossip,