Dear Gossips,

So I had that cyst-mole dug out of my lip on Friday. It required three stitches. And my lip keeps getting bigger and bigger. Like there’s a knob coming out of it now. As if to keep it company, my nose expanded too. Along with my pores. Apparently this is normal? All kinds of sh-t is supposed to swell before it gets better. Thursday is laser eye surgery. Basically I’m Frankenstein.

Anyway, as I said last week, even though it looks like there’s a hairy insect crawling out of my mouth, I still went to see Gone Girl. Probably need to see it again before I can decide on how I really feel but this is for sure:

MUCH better than the book.

More on Gone Girl later.

Here are the other movies I watched from bed this weekend: Obvious Child, the new About Last Night, and all three Godfathers because it’s actually been years and also because there’s nothing like spending 10 hours with the Corleone family when you’re in a funk. But I’d forgotten how hot Al Pacino used to be and that he used to speak without yelling. They all used to be hot – Sonny, Michael, Tom Hagen… all of them but Fredo. Nobody wanted to be Fredo. But someone always has to be a Fredo. Kinda like… Lukas Haas.

Yours in gossip,