Dear Gossips,

Gravity broke the October box office record for a non-sequel this weekend. It’s great news for movie stars. And it’s great news for Sandra Bullock, who is a real movie star. Sandy’s 2013/2014 is looking a lot like her 2009/2010 – hit comedy in the summer (The Proposal/The Heat) followed by a commercially successful drama in the fall (The Blind Side/Gravity) and then…on to Oscar?

If Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep have locked down the first two nomination spots (and, right now, it seems inconceivable that they won’t be there in March), Gravity’s success means Sandy’s running a very close third in the race. Given how popular she is, Sandy’s also good for Oscar ratings. Not bad for a woman who’s turning 50 next year. That’s right – 50. Let’s look at some recent photos of Sandy at almost-50. That works for me.

Thoughts on Miley re: Saturday Night Live? Well, she had a better weekend than Justin Timberlake. That works for me too.

Yours in gossip,