Dear Gossips,

I hate haunted houses. I don’t even like fake haunted houses, like those fun houses they have at amusements parks where you walk through and some dude with a chainsaw jumps out and decapitated dolls swing back and forth from the ceiling. It’s because I believe in the undead. I believe that we are surrounded by spirits. And I believe that we can unwittingly confront those energies and carry them back with us into our own homes, thereby disturbing our luck. Once that sh-t is inside, it’s a bitch to get it out. And it may disturb the course of your life forever.

My ma, the Squawking Chicken, calls it the “dirty” world. She’s warned me my whole life not to get messed up in that kind of thrill-seeking and is always arming me with special charms – necklaces, watches, blessed pieces of paper from the temple to put in my wallet – to protect against a dirty spiritual infection.

But then the Canadian Cancer Society asked me to Face My Fear in support of those living with cancer and to raise money for cancer research. The #FearlessChallenge is a new fundraiser, inviting people to be fearless in confronting their fears to help those living with cancer to the same. Click here to learn more about the initiative. Click here to look through all the challenges – there are several celebrities included here, see if you can spot them.


They asked me – if enough money was raised in support of my #FearlessChallenge, would I go inside a haunted house? It was the most terrifying experience …ever. Sasha agreed to come with me at first and when we got there – this abandoned old house in the middle of f-ckville – she sat in the car and wouldn’t come out. There was an old man, a groundskeeper, who kept shaking his head at us like we were stupid assholes for messing around with things that should not be messed with.

The goal is $1,000. If the goal is reached, you get to see me freak the f-ck out inside that house. Then I called my mommy who gave us very specific instruction on how to cleanse ourselves before we went into our homes. Please click here if you’d like to donate to my #FearlessChallenge.

Yours in gossip,