Dear Gossips,

Did I set myself up for it? I wanted it to be better, Saturday Night Live hosted by Daniel Craig. And it wasn’t great, not even close. He did try though, or at least it seemed that way -- it seemed that he was willing, down for anything. But what we ended up with was a very weak monologue and…he was missing from at least two sketches, non? How does the host end up excluded from two sketches? And does that mean he wasn’t so willing after all? I’m not sure I believe that. He let Fred Armisen writhe all over him; how else is he supposed to prove his willingness? And if it’s not about his willingness but about the writers, who are you waiting for if Daniel Craig wasn’t enough inspiration? They blew their load with the construction workers and from there it was almost an afterthought. Attaching a few photos from the show and Craig leaving the after-party with Rachel Weisz.

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Yours in gossip,