Dear Gossips,

Today is September 1. Do you know what that means?

There’s a train waiting for us at King’s Cross Station. Time to head back to Hogwarts. You know who’s going to Hogwarts for the first time this year?

James Sirius Black. We know this because JK Rowling reminded us of it on Twitter:

As of this writing, #BackToHogwarts is the #1 trending topic worldwide. And new students will be getting sorted tonight into their respective houses. Which is the source of most of my arguments with Duana because while I’ve always been firmly Slytherin, whenever she goes onto a sorting app, it always puts her in Hufflepuff.

At first Duana was like, pffft, I don’t trust any of these sorting things. Now she’s trying to tell me on text that Jo has been defending Hufflepuff and that Tonks was Hufflepuff. And Tonks was a f-cking badass. Are you Hufflepuff? If so, hit us back. Let’s see some of that Hufflepuff pride.

Have a great ride to Hogwarts.

Yours in gossip,