Dear Gossips,

It’s the Endless Summer of Gossip. In 3 week cycles. That way the stories have time to plant themselves, evolve, mutate if necessary. First there was Katie Holmes. Three weeks after that, just when almost every Scientology Mission Impossible daring rescue escape explanation had been explored, Kristen Stewart’s scandal broke. There also followed 3 weeks of analysis about her unfaithful motivation and then speculation about whether or not she and Robert Pattinson would get back together. And just as there were fewer and fewer different ways to say that she cheated and that the status of her relationship is unclear, Prince Harry went and took his clothes off in Vegas. Three weeks have passed since then. And now...

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are married.

Three weeks is the perfect length of time in between, don’t you think? Two weeks would be like overcrowding, one on top of the other. A month feels too long, like everything else is getting stale. I just really love when gossip is considerate.

Yes we will get to both the Canadian Ryans. At some point I have to tell you about Emma Watson. And if you missed my column in The Globe & Mail about Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, that’s coming too in more detail.

Yours in gossip,


PS. LifeStyle was updated through the weekend.