Dear Gossips,

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were trending for hours yesterday on Twitter worldwide. I imagine Jessica Biel must be looking on with envy. Would Jessica Biel have so astutely buried her wedding on a weekend when everyone else was so preoccupied? Not sure she would have the courage for it.

What I should have also mentioned in yesterday’s post about the Lively-Reynolds Martha Stewart wedding is, well, Jennifer Garner’s dog is called Martha Stewart. I, really...

How did she DO that?

Jessica Simpson weight loss week continues! Yesterday it was Katie Couric, this morning she was the guest host on Good Morning America. Oh good. More reason to rage. And, as I keep saying, the worst part isn’t that this is what she’s hustling - because of course she’ll try to hustle it - the worst part is that it’s working. There are a lot more people who think like this than like this. For some reason, we hate ourselves so much we’re letting Jessica Simpson tell us we’re worth it.

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Yours in gossip,