Dear Gossips,

Sorry about the late start. I tried to sleep off the flu last night and it didn't work. And now I'm writing from the Drivers Licence Office because we're about to lose our car insurance if we don't switch our information from British Columbia to Ontario. I've been hanging on to all by BC sh-t for as long as I can -- including my cell phones. My number has been with me for 13 years! For some people, these things don't matter. For me, giving up my phone number is like breaking up and being a bitch about who your ex hooks up with next. I want my phone number to be single forever until I come back! Is that what it's like to be a deranged fan?

Julia Roberts is on the cover of one of the local Toronto newspapers today. We are still riding a Julia high -- it could be all the drugs I'm on or the lingering movie star vibe she left behind that some of her peers failed to deliver. Like...Sandra Bullock. I love Sandy, so much, but she tiptoed her way through TIFF and we have so few real movie stars as it is, you hope the ones who are left could just embrace it already. With Julia there's never any doubt.

And that's how Duana started her day today. With a Julia binge. If you need something to do at lunch today...?

Yours in gossip,