Dear Gossips,

Taraji P Henson covers the new issue of EBONY. And she’s making headlines for a quote about restaurant reservations and being treated like she’s on the D-list, even though she was nominated for an Oscar not too long ago and working more consistently than many others over the last few years.

"I'm treated like I'm on the D-list. I'm still being considered with actresses who haven't done half the stuff I've achieved."

Mrs Timberlake. Blake Lively. Jessica Alba. Kate Bosworth.

She has a point.

Yesterday Duana wrote about Keke Palmer, 21 years old, the first black Cinderella on Broadway. Click here for a refresher. And there was almost no coverage about it. Meanwhile, Allison Williams is playing Peter Pan in 3 months and every week it’s a major headline.

Some of you are bumping up against Taraji’s comments about the benefits of being famous and how she uses to that to her advantage, in a Gwyneth Paltrow kind of way (I just wrote about G’s interview with The Kit yesterday – click here for a refresher), with a Kanye kind of delivery:

“To get my fat ass into a restaurant. If someone tells me there’s a wait, I’ll walk right to the front of the line like, “I need a table now. I need to eat, and I want this. So let’s work this out.”

You know what the difference between Taraji and Gwyneth is though? Taraji still has to take the situation into her own hands. For Gwyneth and Mrs Timberlake and Alba and Bosworth, they would have already parted the crowds, without them even having to ask.

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