Dear Gossips,

Katie Holmes shows at NY Fashion Week today. Really, really can’t wait to see the collection. I mean, she’s gorgeous. And you know how even she looks in her own clothes. Can they be improved on the runway in shapeless models? More on that later. But first ...

Most importantly...

Snape as Ronald Reagan OMG. And he knows too. Look at his expression. He knows. He knows exactly why you love it. Oprah posted it on Instagram.

Guess who’s on the cover of US Weekly and PEOPLE this week? Oh but who else?

And they used the same photo! The shot is from the Green Lantern premiere last year where Blake was conveniently wearing white. Coincidence or conspiracy? Probably coincidence, sure, sure. But you know, this girl is such a f-cking boss, I wouldn’t doubt it either.

Yours in gossip,