Dear Gossips,

Beyonce and JayZ play two shows in Paris tonight and tomorrow to end the On The Run tour. These performances will be filmed for HBO and will air next weekend, for those subscribers who’ve not had the opportunity to see the show live.

And then what?

Then, if you believe the rumours, then it’s done. At least that’s the Page Six and US Weekly version of how it’s supposed to roll out. Have you read Taylor Swift’s cover feature in Rolling Stone yet? She talks about the great lengths she goes to to protect her music from leaks. Like it can only be listened to on headphones because of wiretapping concerns (!!!) and Jack Antonoff compared “having her songs on my hard drive makes me feel like I have Russian secrets or something. It's terrifying". And a military police presence on her video shoot.

If Taylor Swift is that locked down, imagine Beyonce?

So all these people who’ve been talking…

Who are they? Can they be trusted? Has anyone heard from them in a month?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,