Dear Gossips,

We started this week with a Lively-Reynolds wedding. We are closing it with the future queen’s naked photo situation -- and this did not follow the 3 week cycle; not even time in between gossip breaks to breathe! I won’t be posting the photos or the pages. You shouldn’t have to look too hard to see them though, if you want to, and you know you want to. But you don’t want to want to. That’s what I struggled with this morning. Like, I had the discipline not to google but when someone emailed them to me and the subject line clearly indicated exactly what would be in the message, I could not click to open it soon enough. Anyway, more on this later.

Please note that LifeStyle has been updated with new collections and Sasha’s back today with Sasha Finds.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. The skinnygrape contest ends on Sunday! It’s a trip to Toronto or Vancouver and we’ll hook up for dinner and a winetasting and a lot of gossip! Click here to enter.