Dear Gossips,

Even the baby on Breaking Bad is a good actor. And even the baby on Breaking Bad knows how to stress me the f-ck out. Did you see the look on her face in the fire truck? How did she do that? Breaking Bad makes me not want to get to get out of bed.

Prior to last night’s episode, Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan declared that it would be “the best episode we ever had or ever will have”. Is it hyperbole if it’s true? Because amazingly he keeps delivering. But what does that mean that there are two more to go? And if “best” isn’t the word to describe them, will it be the “worst”? What does “worst look like when it comes to Breaking Bad? “Worst” in the hands of Breaking Bad scares me. Maria’s recap is coming up soon.

NY Fashion Week is over. London Fashion Week is right now. My favourite from New York and new collections from London will be posted to LifeStyle through the day. And now that TIFF is done, we look ahead to the Emmys on Sunday. At this point it doesn’t look like anyone can challenge Bryan Cranston. But Anna Gunn should be playing in the Best Actress Drama category instead of Michelle Dockery, non?

The Amazing Race Canada finale is tonight! The Social is co-hosting the live after-show on CTV featuring all 9 teams. Click here for more information.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Thanks to Visa for the wonderful support and access during TIFF. If you’re a Visa Infinite card holder – and a lot of you are, you just don’t know it! – you know what I mean: from the fresh Lindt chocolates to the amazing giveaways, and the champagne (!) at the screenings, Visa made a lot of people feel like VIPs at TIFF, and you didn’t even have to have a publicist.