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Dear Gossips,

There’s a movie opening this weekend that I’m conflicted about. It’s the kind of movie I live for – a dance movie. If you’ve been reading my site long enough you know I’m all over the dance movie. You Got Served, Stomp The Yard, Strictly Ballroom, Dirty Dancing (!), Save The Last Dance, Step Up, Centre Stage…I love them all. I can’t resist.

So …about Battle Of The Year…

It’s a dance movie. The dance crews are throwing down. Sawyer from Lost is in it. They tried to jam a sports analogy in there. Come on. I’m all over it. Except…

One of the stars is Chris Brown.

Sarah from Cinesnark asked me about this the other day, knowing my obsession with dance movies and also knowing my disdain for Chris Brown – what will you do, Lainey? At the time, I thought it would be OK, that I could justify seeing it because I won’t be paying for it at the screening. But then I wondered if it that’s cheating. If I’ve decided that I refuse to support Chris Brown, there shouldn’t be any loopholes, right? By extension, should I refuse to support anyone who works with Chris Brown too?

It’s not unlike the Ender’s Game dilemma. That film is based on a book by Orson Scott Card. And, as Sarah explained to me a couple of months ago, Card is homophobic. This is not even a maybe. He is very, very publicly homophobic. That has nothing to do with the Ender’s Game storyline, but Card’s objectionable views were enough to concern Lionsgate enough that the studio is organising a special premiere for Ender’s Game as a fundraiser for LGBT support groups. Lionsgate insists that the film and Card’s views are distinct but still. If Ender’s Game is a hit, Card benefits, PERIOD. Which means that in seeing Ender’s Game, you are contributing to the success of someone hateful.

In seeing Battle Of The Year, would I be contributing to the success of someone abusive?

I think I might have to skip Battle Of The Year. At least until it’s available on an airplane. And even then, afterwards, never speak of it again. F-cking Chris Brown. Like it’s not enough that he’s a gross piece of sh-t, he’s now getting between me and a dance movie.

Yours in gossip,


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