Dear Gossips,

Yesterday I posted this article about the new international trailer for Bond Skyfall, specifically highlighting how Javier Bardem’s villain, to me, seems scarier than how scary Bane was promised to be in The Dark Knight Rises. Click here for my review of the movie. Anyway, surprisingly, my favourite email from yesterday was not from a wet Twi-Hard celebrating the re-coming of Robsten but from Mike, who wrote this in response to my position that Bardem > Bane:

“Bane was not scary? See, this is why pretty women should have no opinion on the stuff of geeks. You don't even know the first thing about Batman and i bet you didn't even watch the movie. I like your site but really keep those opinions to yourself. Geez...”

I’d never watched The X-Factor before last night, any season. I only watched it last night for Britney who, I mean, was she different last week because all I saw yesterday was someone who kept repeating “You’re amazing”. Britney is the least interesting part of X-Factor right now. The talent they’re finding is pretty compelling though. And being horrified by what Simon Cowell’s done to his face is entertaining. And the production value is impressive too. They spent a lot of money acquiring the rights to not only having the performers sing the famous songs but also playing the famous songs as background in between auditions. It’s a small (but expensive) detail that makes a big difference in the viewing experience. I dunno, maybe I just got Britney on an episode where her earpiece wasn’t working because based on last night, $15 million? That is not a good investment.

It’ll be a busy day in LifeStyle as Sasha’s finding drapey dresses and pointy shoes and I’m posting as many collections as I can from Milan Fashion Week.

Yours in gossip,