Dear Gossips,

Award shows, with the exception of maybe the meaningless People’s Choice Awards, are like porn for us here at LaineyGossip. Duana and I were so jacked before our Emmys live-blog yesterday. It’s been 6 months since the Oscars! It’s celebrating TV! It’s red carpet! It’s Neil Patrick Harris!

We were ready.

We were ready to give up Breaking Bad (for a couple of hours). We were ready to rage. And to argue. We wanted to fight and squee at the same time. I expected to rage about the same old winning. And we did, Modern Family. We didn’t however expect that most of the other raging would be over Claire Danes’s hair and Jeff Daniels’s upset of Bryan Cranston. And that there would be so little squeeing. It’s like… television gave up on itself. And fashion gave up on television.

Click here to revisit our live-blog if you missed it. Our Emmys recap will roll out over the morning. Then we’ll get to Maria’s Breaking Bad recap and other gossip. If you’re joining us late in the day, scroll down, and click VIEW MORE, to begin at the beginning and to catch up on shout-outs. We are expecting a heavy day. To start though, here’s the cast of Breaking Bad celebrating the show’s first win for Outstanding Drama as we’re now only 6 days away to the end of Walt White. Will it be the end of Walt White?

Yours in gossip,


PS. Sorry about the typos. We don’t sleep on award nights!