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Yesterday I wrote about how Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk are now social media public – click here for a refresher. Let’s revisit this photo that he posted on Instagram:


My date and I #screamqueens

A photo posted by @bradfalchuk on

You ever remember seeing a shot like that of Gwyneth and Chris Martin that was shown willingly? The paps got them kissing a few times and they’ve sat next to each other during an award show but there was never this kind of openness. Most of the time Chris was booking it down the street to avoid being photographed when they were leaving a party. With Brad Falchuk, G seems to be a lot less precious about the relationship. Or, maybe, it was Chris who was the one who was precious all along. But he’s self-deprecating and good looking. And Gwyneth has always been easier to blame for, well, just about everything.

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