Dear Gossips,

It wasn’t the most memorable show, no. It was more boring than not-boring. But what I love about the Emmys is the participation. You don’t see that with the Oscars. You don’t see so many of them taking time out of their busy movie star lives shooting special clips and joke pieces that air during the telecast. And not just one but SEVERAL. For which they are probably paid very little, if any. It’s endearing, isn’t it? Because for them, the tv stars, it’s probably still true when they say it -- that they can’t believe they get to go to work making television every day. Or at least I’m willing to believe that they believe it.

A full Emmy wrap-up will follow. Duana and I are starting early, posting Emmy articles all morning. Then it’ll be Smutty Tingles, and then other non-Emmys related gossip -- a long, long column today that spills over several pages. Please scroll down and click VIEW OLDER to get caught up and a quick reminder that it works in reverse chronological order so if you want to start from the beginning, you may have to flip back and make your way forwards; everything at the top of the site is the most recent. Thank you for joining us and for your patience! We can be wordier on awards coverage so it takes us a little longer!

Also while all the Emmy business is happening, LifeStyle will be updated with more collections from Milan Fashion Week.

And thank you Portland, I am in love. With the city, the food trucks (where we gorged much too much), the friendly and kind...everyone, the no tax shopping, and Powell’s books oh my God, and my new oxfords which I’m totally wearing on my birthday.

Yours in gossip,