Dear Gossips,

Designer Tommy Smythe was on The Social yesterday as the 5th chair. The 5 of us yelled at each other over fashion and favourite Emmy moments.

But…it was such a sh-tty show…?

As Tommy said, a sh-tty show makes for good bitching. And when I look back on yesterday, we bitched. We were f-cking bored by the whole 3 hour ordeal the night before, but still we came alive to bitch. And the ratings for the Emmys were solid too, the best they’ve been in a few years.

Fine. But I’d still rather see a fresh NPH who isn’t victim to lazy writing and has to resort to sexist jokes. That kind of bitching doesn’t feel good, not at all.

We now return to our regular programming, regular gossip. And Paris Fashion Week. The collections will be posted over the next few days in LifeStyle. Sasha’s advice column will be back today too.

Yours in gossip,