Dear Gossips,

Have you read the new Harry Potter family history on Pottermore yet? JK Rowling included the fresh piece along with a site update. We find out that “Potter” is shortened from “Potterer”, why Harry’s family was so rich, that the Potter men have always had unruly hair, and why the Invisibility Cloak was passed down to him. Harry comes from an impressive lineage. But we now find out why the Potters did not make it on the Sacred Twenty-Eight, the list of high classy pure-blood wizarding families. Harry comes from a long line of Muggle love.

In real life, does Prince William count as a Muggle lover?

Speaking of stories, I have a flight this afternoon and I can’t wait to get on it so I can be with Mindy Kaling for the second time. Have you started Why Not Me? yet? It’s good. It’s SO good. She’s SO good. Hurry up and finish so that we can talk about the time she met Bradley Cooper and… who’s the pop star who won’t vaccinate her children?

Yours in gossip,