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Miles Teller is getting some heat right now for comments he made about Divergent in an interview with W Magazine. Teller is currently promoting Whiplash which comes out next month. It’s a great film; he and JK Simmons are electrifying together. While recounting the story of how he ended up with the role, the most challenging of his career and what will likely be considered his breakthrough, he sh-ts on what he was doing in Divergent:

“When I first read Whiplash, I was feeling dead inside,” Teller confided, in a rare display of emotion. At that time, he was in Chicago shooting this past spring’s Divergent. “I didn’t have an interesting part, and I’d taken the film for business reasons: It was the first movie I’d done that was going to have an international audience. I called my agent and said, ‘This sucks.’ He told me about Whiplash.” Teller was not the first choice for the lead, but when he heard that the actor Dane DeHaan had turned it down, he started taking drumming lessons immediately.

He’s not lying. The Divergent movie was TERRIBLE. But…there’s a way to say it and a way not to say it. And it’s not like he’s the only actor who’s found himself in the same situation. Take Anna Kendrick, for example. I can’t imagine that Anna Kendrick was particularly inspired by Twilight. In between those movies though, like Teller, she worked on Up In The Air. And was subsequently nominated for an Oscar. And has gone on to make interesting, funny movies without having to reveal that Twilight was…well… you know what it was.

Of course Teller is now backpedalling with clarifications on Twitter and through his representatives. And at some point, like so many celebrities, perhaps he’ll look back on this experience and decide to shut down in interviews, not be so candid and revealing. Which is not the point. Why can’t you be candid and smart? Why can’t you be honest and pragmatic?

Some of them move on from these incidents and use it as a way to improve. And most of them move on from these incidents and end up blaming the media for suffocating their soul, their inclination to share. No one can twist your words if you use the right words. And, as Duana texted me earlier, “the surer you are in what you mean, the less possible it is for someone to ‘twist’ them”. Am interested to see where Miles Teller decides to go with that.

Click here to read the W Magazine profile.

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