Dear Gossips,

Charlie Sheen has settled his suit with Warner Bros. According to TMZ, he’s getting $25 million right off the top. Another hundred million is coming to him over the next 10 years. He really did win in the end. And, you know, Sarah from Cinesnark totally called it.

Click here to read the article Sarah wrote way back at the beginning of March about Charlie’s “Tornado of Awesome”. She took some heat back then because many people thought her piece did not address what many perceived to be a mental breakdown. It was the automatic assumption - Charlie’s behaviour was appalling, he was unpredictable, and in these times, that’s the immediate, and very compassionate, conclusion. It is, however, as I’ve often noted, the more comforting one. Because otherwise, if you can’t attribute his f-ckedupness to something tangible, the only truth left is that... well... Charlie Sheen is an asshole. That’s it. There’s no second part to that sentence. Charlie Sheen is an asshole, period. People are mean. The end. People can hurt. They will degrade. They are toxic. Just because. You can’t explain it away. Calling that an illness helps us avoid the much lonelier, much more bleak reality: that a tv star somehow, miraculously, manages to control his mood swings and adapt to his environment conveniently just as he’s able to secure over $100 from his former employers...? We don’t want to confront a world in which the dickhead is a dickhead for no other reason than ...he’s just a dickhead.

Gossip Party in Vancouver tomorrow at French Connection on Robson - thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to meeting many of you there! All RSVP confirmations have now been sent out. Due to a limited amount of spots, we are sorry that we could not accommodate everyone who sent in their RSVPs. As it is the first time we’ve hosted an event like this in Vancouver, we wanted to start off the way we did 6 years ago in Toronto: in a smaller, more intimate venue. We’ve been really, really encouraged by your response. And as such, a proper Smut Soiree - and soon - has become a very real possibility.

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