Dear Gossips,

It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s birthday today. It’s also Avril Lavigne’s birthday. And I used to wave this away as another example of the unreliability of western astrology but I’ve just realised that they’re 12 years apart, which means they’re also both born in the Year of the Rat. Two ways to see it then: those of you who think this sh-t is bullsh-t will have more reason to not believe and those of us who believe are now hoping one day Gwyneth meets eyes with Chad Kroeger, oh my GOD.

JK Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy is available today. I am afraid to read it. And I’m mad at myself for being afraid to read it. Because being afraid to read it might actually be worse than not liking it. She’s allowed to write something I might not enjoy. Worrying about that just makes me a f-cking loser. OK so I’m buying it later. But a proper copy from the bookstore and not on my iPad. Do you approach reading like this too now? Are you particular and selective about old school reading from paper pages? I purposefully bought the hardcover edition of Zadie Smith’s NW; no interest in e-reading it and besides, I want it to join White Teeth, Autograph Man (did not like at all), and On Beauty (the best!) on the shelf.

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Yours in gossip,