Dear Gossips,

It got so busy, we never did talk about Ryan Lochte’s leather vest and pants situation the other day, did we? How many times have you or your friends said, in your best Baby Got Back voice, that “oh my God, he is SUCH a pig” about a dude who’s dating a hot dumb girl? Ryan Lochte may be taking away a woman’s right to make such declarations ever again. Click here for Jezebel’s latest edition of Ryan Lochte Is Amazingly Not Smart. So amazingly not smart it cost him The Bachelor? Rumour has it Lochte wasn’t seriously considered because producers worried he might not be able to properly articulate his thoughts, that his intellectual challenges would be too limiting.

Why is this never a problem when they’re casting female reality show stars? Let’s make the men seem as bright as possible. If the girls are idiots, that’s totally OK. In fact, that actually makes for good high-ratings television. The Bachelor is entering its 17th season.

Keep checking LifeStyle and through the weekend too for collections from Paris Fashion Week. Lanvin is my favourite so far. It’s that one white lapel. Dior’s coming up later. And Maison Martin Margiela. And Isabel Marant. So much through the next few days.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,