Dear Gossips,

Yesterday was Mid-Autumn Festival, like Chinese Thanksgiving. That’s when we’re supposed to eat moon cakes because it always happens on a full moon. As you know, the moon was a big deal last night because of the lunar eclipse. They called it a blood moon. For some reason, this made me think of Jon Bon Jovi.

Say what?

Bon Jovi was supposed to play China last month. Everyone wants that Chinese money, and he’s wanted that Chinese money for a long time. Ahead of their concert – which ended up being cancelled, supposedly because he’s been nice to the Dalai Lama – and to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day back in August, he learned how to sing one of the most famous songs, maybe THE most famous song, in Chinese pop culture, The Moon Represents My Heart. I promise you every Chinese kid born anywhere in the world knows this song, as performed by the late Teresa Teng. I’ve attached both videos below for you to compare and contrast. Obviously I’m partial to the original. Millions of Chinese babies have been conceived to this song. I might have been conceived to this song. Did you make a blood moon baby last night?

Yours in gossip,