Dear Gossips,

Last night’s Gossip Night in Vancouver at French Connection gave us every reason to start working on a Smut Soiree in Vancouver. THANK YOU!

So here’s what helped with my hangover today: have you heard about the Gasp clothing situation in Australia? Apparently the store policy is to treat customers like sh-t and reject them if they don’t “get” it. Theirs, supposedly, is an esoteric style philosophy: we may be too fashion forward for you, and that’s exactly how it should be and we’re perfectly happy if you’re too much of a pig to understand what’s stylish and what’s not, so f-ck off.

For real. AND they backed that sh-t up with a statement in the newspaper. Which...fine, so now you’re thinking Gasp is a euphemism for, like, Chanel, right? Um, Gasp is more like a euphemism for Ed Hardy or worse. Click here to see for yourself. WHAT IS THAT HAIR???

For all the details on Gasp’s hilarious, um, superiority, click here. Seriously, who actually shops there? If you’re in Australia, I’d love to hear from you.

Yours in gossip,