Dear Gossips,

Jennifer Lopez covers the new issue of ELLE. JLO has always been open to talking about her love life. And she told the magazine that she’s aware that she, um, wastes her time. A lot of it.

"Everybody has seen that I make mistakes. Every single album I have ever made is about love. But I am not going to give up. I have to look at what I do wrong. I rush in, I get swept up, I ignore the signs. But so many of us are guilty of these things. Each time it goes wrong it’s hard. I get really hurt but I have to let myself go: ‘What did I do? What can I learn?’ And as hard and as hurtful as things get, I want to believe I will be able to go one step higher. I’ve got to hope that if I keep going I will eventually get it right."

OK. If she’d said that after Ojani Noa or Cris Judd, fine. But…it’s been over 10 years since Cris Judd. And making a mistake like Cris Judd at 30 is one thing. But a mistake like Slum Bear Casper Smart at 45? I’m starting to think that, no, she’s not actually asking herself the right questions. You remember what JLO said to Chelsea Handler a couple of weeks ago?

“I would get married again. I like being in a relationship. I do. I'm not one to, like, whore around and stuff."

First of all, JLO, f-ck you for calling it “whoring around”. Sex does not have to be accompanied by love and commitment. Try it out some time instead of marrying him. OR BUYING HIM A TRUCK and giving him the top creative job on your team. Isn’t the privilege of being with you reward enough?

Yours in gossip,