Dear Gossips,

Have heard from many people in Australia about this GASP situation. Click here if you missed the article yesterday. Apparently, according to locals, GASP is for “bogans”. Then there’s this site. Then there’s the face of the dude who turned away the client because she wasn’t of GASP “standard”. Click here and scroll down. Yeah. That’s about right.

Needless to say, the story has generated headlines around the world. Many Australians are embarrassed, hoping that this is not how their awesome country is being represented. But GASP says that they’ve never been busier, that they are selling out of merchandise which... could totally be a lie, sure. Sometimes though, sometimes I worry that the bogan, and its equivalent around the world, is actually the majority. That explains a lot.

While you over in Australia have GASP and bogan style, we here in Canada have 26 year old Chris Moorhouse who THREW A BANANA at a black hockey player during a game last week. I hate people.

Ashton Kutcher says that assuming makes us look like assholes. Have you seen his trailer? His trailer makes him look like an asshole.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,