Dear Gossips,

Would love to know how it works when it comes to wedding photo negotiations. Like does George Clooney tell PEOPLE and HELLO! that "I won't take anything less than what Brad got"? Or does he say "If you give me x percent more, I'll give you x percent more - more photos, more quotes, more access"?

And is there a photo checklist from the publication that has to be satisfied? Like do PEOPLE and HELLO! specify that they want:

- The Dress, front and back
- The Cake
- Bride and Groom together, must be touching
- $100k bonus if you give us a kiss
- $100k bonus if you give us a photo of celebrity guests
- at least one group family shot
- at least one sappy quote

Who has the power here? The seller or the buyer? The buyer ended up getting shafted for the Timberlake wedding when all the pictures came back low quality and not all that impressive. No surprise. Like that asshole gives a sh-t.

In this case, if you're the buyer, are you a little pissed that Amal and George were basically on display every single day of their wedding weekend? Like I said yesterday, I kinda feel sated already. They gave us a lot for free. They gave us enough.

I'm not sure when the deal was negotiated for the images but I wonder whether or not the buyers expected the couple to be so...available. Because now when they tell me it's all "exclusive", I'm like, really?  Because I feel like I was on a gondola in Venice from Friday to Monday so whatever you're showing me better be extra special, special like, oh hey, look at the bump under this dress. Which, no, didn't happen.

The dress, by the way, looks so much better in that one shot from her fitting in VOGUE than it does in both PEOPLE and HELLO! Don't you find that images often seem cheapened in celebrity weeklies? Is it the paper? Is it the tacky layout?

More analysis to come.

Yours in gossip,