Dear Gossips,

Back to school. Back to gossip! It used to be that gossip would slow down for the summer and work up again right after Labour Day. That’s certainly not how it turned out this year. Gossip did not take a break. And we’re right back into it to kick off a new season -- the Venice Film Festival is still happening, and TIFF opens on Thursday, as well as NY Fashion Week, that same night it’s the MTV Movie Awards, and Will and Kate go on tour in a few days, never mind all the weddings, divorces, meangirling, cheating, and Tom Cruise-hating in between that you can’t predict in advance. Then, of course, in two weeks...the Emmy Awards. When Giuliana Rancic will keep mispronouncing LONN-VONN. The gossip business is booming.

Can we take a minute though, quickly, to talk about Clint Eastwood last week at the Republican National Convention? It all kinda makes sense now, doesn’t it? How sh-t Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent was in J Edgar? Now apply that to an entire performance: he just directed Justin Timberlake. OMG. Now I almost can’t wait.

Yours in gossip,