Dear Gossips,

TIFF 2014 opens today. For those of us working the festival, that's the main focus. I feel like people are going to be parking themselves downtown all weekend to stalk Channing Tatum. Virgin 99.9 Radio's Maura Grierson is putting out a bounty -- $1000 to anyone who can get him to call into the station to talk to her.

But TIFF isn't the only story. Especially not on this day. For some people, there's only one thing that matters on September 4th. September 4th is B-Day. Beyonce Day. Beyonce Birthday. How do we celebrate Beyonce Day? This morning our site was glitchy for about an hour. I feel like the Beygency would have our asses if we don’t dedicate the open to their leader.

Quick programming note for the next week or so during TIFF. I’ll be reporting for etalk from the carpets and the parties. Photos will be posted to the LifeStyle page through the weekend too.

Happy TIFF!

Yours in gossip,