Dear Gossips,

Still no social media activity from Gisele Bundchen but we did hear yesterday from Bridget Moynahan:

As we found out from the Deflategate investigation, Bridget and Tom Brady maintain a friendly relationship co-parenting their son. And Bridget and Gisele are also friendly because they text and email each other regularly too. Click here for a refresher.

Though we haven’t heard from Gisele, she was seen yesterday at Patriot Place:

Boston is smiling then. Even from Los Angeles. More on that later.

Please note, I have two pre-TIFF screenings today, one in the morning. So a few posts have been prepared to go up while I’m in the theatre and once I get back around lunch, I’ll resume blogging.

Since it’s Labour Day weekend in North America, there won’t be anything on the site on Monday. Back to full schedule on Tuesday. And then… TIFF!

Have a great long weekend!

Yours in gossip,