Dear Gossips,

How important is a baby exclusive? Will we take any baby they throw at us these days? Even a Snooki baby? Because that’s the cover of PEOPLE Magazine this week. I guess that means yes. We’ll take any baby. As long as it’s a baby. All babies. Especially a baby who can transform an overtanned club troll who’s been known to piss on a dance floor now and again. We are so obsessed with babies that we are letting Snooki stay famous just because she had one. Really? But... why can’t we be a little more selective about this? I suppose it’s too late now. If Celebrity has been democratised, it follows that celebrity babies are considered equal too. So that one day, if Kanye West’s girlfriend gives him a baby, they’ll get to pretend that that baby is on the level with the Chosen One Shiloh and the Blue Ivy Carter. You see now how this sh-t is getting out of control?

As I wrote yesterday, it’s getting busy. Between film festivals, film premieres, television premieres, award shows, and famewhores in general, summer is over for them too and they’re back at work, hustling red carpets and the grocery store. Please continue to check LifeStyle to see the photos that don’t make it onto the main page, especially as we approach TIFF. Am flying to Toronto this afternoon. There should be no interruption in blog schedule but if something breaks during my flight, I’ll get to it soon as I land.

Yours in gossip,