Dear Gossips,

The MTV VMAs are happening tonight. New York Fashion Week begins while the US Open draw gets tighter. The festival is still on in Venice. The NFL is back. And ... TIFF! It’s busy!

This is my 6th TIFF. As always, in addition to updating my blog, I’m reporting for etalk (click here to see our new TIFF pop-up with extended interviews and red carpet coverage) and this year I’m also writing from the party circuit for The Globe & Mail. Though I’ve always wanted to do more, the schedule gets so tight during TIFF that I haven’t been able to get to as many films as I want to and review them.

But my friend Dan Levy is here! Of course you know Dan from The After Show. And X Factor. And his column in Flare. And now he’s our TIFF movie critic! Dan’s first review will be posted tomorrow. Click here to follow Dan on Twitter.  

Oh and did I mention, for the first time ever I’ll be giving away TIFF screening tickets? Details are coming...

There’s a lot to get to and the next 10 days will be jacked. Apologies in advance for the typos.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Don’t forget to check LifeStyle for photos!