Dear Gossips,

There’s a lot going on so we’ll get right into it. Between the DNC and the VMAs and NYFW and TIFF and Venice it’s just so much to know!

Re: VMAs - since I was on TIFF duty last night, Duana’s covering the VMAs and those articles will be posted first. Then I’ll get to non-VMA business including Dan Levy’s first review, On The Road, and Kristen Stewart and more. We’ll be posting photos from TIFF all weekend in LifeStyle. Duana, Dan, and I are also tweeting from the parties we’re hitting. OMG Lauryn Hill tomorrow night. This is my Twitter, this is Duana’s, and this is Dan’s.

Also I’ll be giving away tickets to the films. And, well, you know The Master and The Place Beyond The Pines (Ryan Gosling) are screening tonight, right?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,