Dear Gossips,

Sasha was working in the etalk TIFF lounge yesterday and taunted me with some Mark Ruffalo. He came in for an interview.

Her text: Mark Ruffalo kissed me.
Me: Where?
Sasha: Cheek
Me: Dickhead

I’m telling you. I have to keep telling you. Everybody loves Mark Ruffalo. A friend of mine spent almost an hour talking to him this weekend at a party and he was the nicest and sweetest and super fun and that’s all it was – noooooo hint of more, not a sniff of anything pervy. He totally doesn’t put that out there. He is not that guy.

But I got Sasha back. Because last night I decided to stop in at the Trump Lobby bar before heading into the Grey Goose afterparty for 99 Homes and there he was, hanging with Channing Tatum, in a small group.

“Can’t I just have one thing?”

Not him. I feel like we all have to share him.

Yours in gossip,