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Dear Gossips,

I read several reviews of Britney Spears’s Vegas Piece Of Me over the weekend. The most honest, probably, came from Rolling Stone. The key to the article was this introduction to the second paragraph: “Viewed through a lens of diminished expectations… Britney: Piece of Me is an entertaining tour through the 32-year-old star's nearly 15-year recording career.”

There has been criticism that she didn’t sing live. Yeah, but, who goes to a Britney show for live singing?

If you’ve seen some of the footage, you might note, if you’re willing to see it, that Britney can’t really keep up with her dancers and isn’t hitting her positions as sharply as she used to. Yeah, but, she’s older now and she can’t move like she could when she was a teenager. Note: Britney is 32 years old, exactly the age Madonna was for the Blonde Ambition tour, and exactly the age of one Beyonce Knowles.

Some have noted that Britney barely interacts with the fans, pausing only now and again to shout out generic comments like, “are you ready to party”? Yeah, but, she was probably nervous and focusing on her performance. Yeah, but, she does look like she’s trying harder than she’s tried in years. Yeah, but, it’s a lot better than what happened at the VMAs. Yeah, but. Yeah, but.

Yeah, but.

That’s exactly what follows the “lens of diminished expectations” – Yeah, But.

Yeah, but, I don’t mean to sh-t on Britney. Who does? You never want to sh-t on Britney. It’s not her fault. Maybe the fault is in the answer to this question: Would you rather peak at 18, or would you rather get better over time? Click here to read the Rolling Stone review of Britney’s first Vegas show.

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