And you should be ready for it.

We’ll save the nerd breakdown (nerd down?) for tomorrow when the first full trailer for Iron Man 3 is released, but today we’ve got a seventeen second teaser that, though brief, clearly says, YES, SH*T JUST GOT REAL.


I’m not a huge fan of stunting. There’s a time and a place for it, sure (for a comic book movie, that time is July and that place is Comic-Con), but with Marvel releasing a seventeen second teaser in advance of the trailer, I wonder if they really needed to do this. Expectations are high, and there’s already a ton of anticipation built up for the first Avenger movie post-The Avengers, but this kind of stunting, at this point in the Iron Man franchise feels like… well it feels like Thor might need something like this but Tony Stark certainly does not.

Releasing a teaser for a trailer has rapidly become one of the movie industry’s most tiresome online gambits. I much prefer JJ Abrams’ “three frame preview” from Conan—at least that poked fun at how ridiculous teasers can be. It’s a trailer for a trailer. If you can put out the trailer’s trailer today, why not just release the actual trailer? That’s my problem with this kind of stunt. If this showed up back in July, on the heels of Comic-Con, it’d be like, well, this is all they’ve got ready at this time. But they’re saying—we’ve got the trailer, but we’re going to taunt you for twenty-four hours. Really, what’s the difference?

Oh who am I kidding—I’m watching this on repeat dissecting every second. Because Extremis is coming and sh*t just got real.

(Lainey: I watched this morning and all I could email to Sarah was “IS PEPPER GOING TO DIE???” Please don’t kill off my Gwyneth. I’m sure Sarah will address that tomorrow.)

Attached - RDJ on set earlier this month.