My Gwyneth made a movie and people actually went to see it.


Three big letters:

R. D. J.

Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man – yes, yes, yes!!!

RDJ f&cking owned the box office this weekend, smashing early projections, making Jon Favreau look like a genius, and proving that there can be redemption in Hollywood…if you have talent, that is. And it’s been said over and over, for a long, long time: RDJ has talent.

His superhero has a depth and a vulnerability we’ve yet to see from his younger counterparts. Here’s an actor at 43 appealing across generations. It’s the feel good story of the year. And if Barbara Walters does not name him one of her most fascinating people of 2008, it’s proof she really is senile.

So just how big did Iron Man open?

Over $100 million! For a brand that is the poor distant eight cousin to the Super/Bat/and Spidermans, Iron Man surprised everyone. It is the 10th biggest weekend debut of all time, and is The.Biggest.Ever for the first weekend in May.



In fact, they’ve signed on to 3 so far. Yes… even my Gwynnie. Which means RDJ saved her career too. And if you can believe it, most critics praised her performance as well. Hee.

Here’s the man, on top of the world, at the Lakers game on Sunday graciously signing autographs, as sexy and as humble as ever. I’ve heard from many of you who saw Iron Man this weekend. None of you were disappointed.

If you still haven’t, you must. It’s everything a blockbuster should be and more.

RDJ forever.

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