Britney actually looking kinda cute out shopping yesterday with that budget ass wig. You will note though... by Britney standard – which is regrettably a lower one – kinda cute is all relative.

No, the shoes don’t work. And the straw hat is so damn bumpkin it hurts me. But I do like the dress and I especially like the pose – some old school Britney sass…nothin’ wrong with that.

Let’s get back to the hair, shall we? Many of you are lamenting the low classy wigs. And I totally agree. That sh-t looks even cheaper than a Ken Paves creation. Still others wish she’d walk around au naturel – rock the buzz for a little bit, own what was once bald.

Curious tip just reached me this morning. Am told exclusively that she’s keeping it covered up because she’s negotiating a photo shoot that will be styled around her closely cropped head. Nothing is confirmed yet but obviously the sale factor for the shots will preclude her from stepping out without coverage. And I have to tell you, am all over the strategy.

Because admit it, even if you can’t stand her, even if you’re hating on her and will never go back, it’s a pictorial you would HAVE to see.

Will keep you posted.

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