Coldplay’s new album Ghost Music drops in May. The video for Magic was released yesterday. I’ve already told you how I feel about the song. Click here for a refresher. It’s TERRIBLE. But while everyone else initially thought those lyrics were for Gwyneth, I wondered if they were meant for someone else.

The video now…

Chris Martin plays a magician’s assistant. He’s in love with the magician’s wife. The magician is abusive. The wife is played by Zhang Ziyi. Chris Martin is rumoured to have been carrying on with… Alexa Chung.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Is Gwyneth supposed to be the asshole husband who floats away?!?

By the way, check out what Alexa posted on Instagram the other day:

Uh huh.

At least not until she sees the video.

Gwyneth Paltrow meanwhile tweeted on Sunday for the first time since the conscious uncoupling announcement. It was this photo:

The message: No line on the horizon #exumas

So the suggestion is that she was still in the Bahamas that day. I wonder if that wasn’t a strategic distraction so that they could head home without being detected. Chris will soon have to start doing press to promote the new record. But how long will she be retreating from society? OMG it’s so old fashioned (read: rich people standards and procedures).