Superman & Hollywood Ebola?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 9, 2015 14:32:26 January 9, 2015 14:32:26

The original title of this post was supposed to be “Superman & Captain America”. Both Henry Cavill and Chris Evans were at the pre-Globes party hosted by W Magazine last night at Chateau Marmont. Cavill also hung out with Amy Adams; Ben Affleck wasn’t there to complete the photo opportunity. And it looks like he spent some time with Miles Teller. Good company.


I found these other shots of him leaving the event. And getting into a car. And…

Is that…

Is that Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton in the back there?

I’m pretty sure it is. If you’re convinced it’s not, email me and yell at me. I’d be happy to be wrong here. But also…

Not really surprised.

After the Kaley Cuoco incident, Cavill’s judgment is suspect. You remember how pissed his fans were a couple of months ago when he started dating some 21 year old girl who posted animal kill photos to social media? Click here for a refresher. Now he might be hanging out with a toxic piece of sh-t who’s been known to devastate careers.

That’s a major risk to take when there’s a huge movie on the line. Batman vs Superman comes out in a year and a half. Is that enough time to detox?

FJR/ Splash, Donato Sardella/ Getty Images

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