Idris Elba was in Johannesburg yesterday for the premiere of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Many members of Madiba’s family were there (the film has their enthusiastic blessing) and it appears that Elba was warmly received. Madiba’s wife Graca Machel greeted him by saying, "Let me hug my husband". He almost didn’t make it though as he had an asthma attack on the plane and rushed to hospital just before flying over to South Africa.

In other Idris Elba news…

Thanks to “N” for tipping me off on this…

Elba was linked to a woman called Naiyana Garth a few months ago. Click here for a refresher. She tweets about him often. This is her Twitter. There are pictures of him from as recently as Halloween. He was Superman.



Three weeks ago, Garth posted these two tweets:

Is Idris Elba having a baby?