Dear Gossips,

The article that made me laugh the most yesterday was written by Allie Jones at The Cut about how JC Was Always The Hottest. Correct.

The article that made me fist-pump the most yesterday was written by Wesley Morris for The New York Times about Janet Jackson. Thirty years ago this week, Janet’s Nasty was one of the songs of the summer, off her album Control. A couple of months later, When I Think Of You went to #1. Morris is arguing that Control, three decades later, is underrated and that Janet was as “necessary as Michael Jackson and Prince for the integration of MTV”, going so far as to assert that Janet “was the superior music-video artist. Only Madonna was keener about the power of self-presentation”. Part of that self-presentation was the key that Janet wore in her ear and Morris makes the connection between that key and Control – what it meant then and what it might mean now.

Control preceded Rhythm Nation 1814 which came out three years later. And my favourite part of Wesley Morris’s piece is the comparison he makes between Janet’s Rhythm Nation album and Beyoncé’s Lemonade and how both artists have blended pop and social consciousness, only Janet was ahead by over 25 years. A quarter of a century.

So. Is she underrated? Underappreciated? If so…why?

Yours in gossip,