Brad Pitt’s Moneyball opens today. And Jennifer Aniston has been just as visible as he has, if not more, further cementing what we know to be the Triangle Truth: they are, forever, inextricably linked.

The point of this post however is not so much about Brad and Jen but about Jen and all of them, including Brad, and how many of you have pointed out that she appears to mirror her men aesthetically, the most recent example of this being Justin Theroux, with whom she went lighting fixture shopping the other day in the rain with an umbrella and sunglasses - click here for a refresher on those photos which prompted you to note that she is starting to dress like him, and that this is not a new thing for her, that she does this with every guy, and why can’t she have her own personality??? Your words, not mine.

My words are that I think Jen and Justin look good together. And that I think she seems to have found someone who’s not only at the right station but also who appears to be willing to play the fame game, who is up for going tit for tat with the Brange, who understands the importance of the photo opp, who will engage in media manipulation, who will happily hold her hand so that they can match every Brange salvo with a missile attack of their own.

Vince Vaughn couldn’t stomach it. John Mayer was too neurotic for it. But Justin Theroux might actually love it. And if Brad found a true partner in Angelina, Jen may have found the same in Justin. This then, this is Good for Gossip. This Battle will be Great for Gossip.

Here’s Jen with Justin last night heading out to Christie’s for a charity auction. EVERYTHING is for strategy, see? Everything.

Photos from Jason Winslow/ and INF